Code Style

The code style follows the Java Code Conventions:

Naming convention for variables and types: names should be longer than one character (except loop variables) and self-explanatory.

Eclispe warnings should be eliminated (like infere generic type warnings)

Configure Eclipse like Code Formatting in Netbeans


Each Class must contain the following java doc elements:

  • Source code (variable names, class names, ..) must be in English
  •  Documentation preferrable in English or any other language (code review during relaese???)
  • A description of the class
  • Copyright note
  • the author of the class
  • method documentation must be written if the method is public and complex 
JavaDoc Class Template
 * Copyright (c) 2015 by Bitergo and LinogistiX.
 * All rights reserved.
package org.logmall.service;

 * This class declares the service for the entity
 * PluginConfiguration. For this service it is save to call the
 * <code>get(String name)</code> method.
 * @see org.mywms.service.BasicService#get(String)
 * @author Andreas Trautmann
 * @version $Revision: 564 $ provided by $Author: atrautmann $
public class ClientService
    extends BasicService<Client>


Eclipse Tags

  • TODO (Eclipse Default)
  • FIXME (Eclipse Default)
  • NICE (To be created in Eclipse with priority low)
  • TRANSLATE (To be created in Eclipse with priority low)